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Is Martha Stewart a Billionaire?

Martha Stewart is a household name. Everyone knows who she is, from television to the Martha Stewart Living magazine. Although, she has not always been known for the best of reasons. Martha Stewart did have to spend time in prison which did not manage to stunt her popularity. It was speculated that her wealth would plummet due to her conviction. The question remains, how much money is Martha Stewart worth? Did she lose money while serving prison time? Curious minds want to know, is Martha Stewart a billionaire? networthinsider has a detailed report on it.

Martha Stewart’s Claim To Fame

Martha StewartMartha Stewart has made her money as a businesswoman and best-selling author. Martha Stewart is the founder of the company, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. The company has been owned by Sequential Brands Group since 2015 and is best known for selling multiple novels, magazine publications, and merchandise product lines. It has also conquered radio and televisions programs plus has holdings in e-commerce websites where sales high quality hot tub. Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia was originally founded in 1997 but, went public on the NewYork Stock Exchange in 1999. Share values nearly tripled immediately which made Martha Stewart an instant billionaire. Follow this link and you will find it your by yourself.

Federal Prison Camp for Women

Due to Martha Stewart’s conviction in the ImClone Stock Trading Case, she began her 5-month prison term in 2004 at Federal Prison Camp, Alderson in West Virginia. Stewart was charged with obstruction of justice and after completing her 5-month stint in prison she had 2 years of required supervision, simply she was placed on parole. To everyone’s disbelief, while serving her term at FPC Alderson, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia sales soared by 90%. Stewart became a billionaire once again and this time, she did it while in prison. She did not let prison get her down, she made the most of it. Who could not be happy when they hit the billion dollar mark for the second time in their career?

Stewart’s Current Net Worth

That makes two times that Martha Stewart managed to appear on Forbes billionaire list. Currently, Stewart’s net worth is estimated at $650 million dollars. To answer the initial question on everyone’s mind, is Matha Stewart a billionaire? Sadly, Stewart was a billionaire twice but, not anymore.