Air Fried Fries

Air Fried Fries

America’s best loved fast food product is french fries. No one can give claim as to which country created this great potato food, but it is for sure that the United States made it a fast food staple. Naturally, french fries are pretty high in calories and fat, but isn’t that why we love them?

Air Fried Fries TechnologyAir Fried Fries

Air fried fries are fries guilt free – without any grease or fat content! This healthy achievement is accomplished through the innovation of hot air frying machines. This appliance uses hot air which circulates around with the movement and flow of heat currents. This allows foods like french fries to become crisp on the outside, but remain moist on the inside.

The hot air technology in these devices, involves little to no oil as in the Philips Airfryer aswell. It also expels any extra oil from foods that are higher in fat content, i.e. meats. Thus, higher fat content foods end up with less of their original fat.

With fries that have been air fried, there is no more oil to heat up, no more oil splashing out, no more cleaning up and no more oily odors. Fast food restaurant potato fries cooked in oil is ranged around 300 to 400 calories per 4 ounces, however, air fried fries contain only 226 or lower.

After a simple prep, place the fries inside the machine’s basket and set the timer. When the french fries are golden brown, season them and enjoy! Potato fries are a food product that hardly has any fat content, see Also home prepared air fried fries contain 70% to 80% less fat than restaurants.

Therefore, when you air fry them, the only oil you need is a healthy oil that is lightly sprayed to make them crispy golden brown.The question is, do the fries taste just as good as the oily delicious fries we know and love? So far, the consumer critics say yes!

Serving your teen or kids air fried fries is now an okay side. There are no unhealthy oils or fats to be concerned about. Air fried potato fries is now a good option as a low or minimal fat, favorite comfort food.

Yoga For Better Digestion

Yoga can help improve the digestive tract with lifestyle and proper diet. Eating natural raw foods will improve digestion because they contain enzymes. As you age, the enzyme production in your body will begin to decline. Using yogic principles like these will help you stave off bad digestion. Especially if you wear headbands for women.

Yoga Poses

A few yoga poses can help improve digestion as well. When you have proper digestion, then you have great holistic wellness. Having a healthy digestive tract will allow your body to rid of toxins and waste. A yogi finds it extremely uncomfortable to practice poses if bloated.

  • Wind relieving pose- Apanasana
  • Twisting help to improve digestion overall. Twisting will help to compress the colon.
  • Child’s pose- Balasana helps to massage the internal digestive tract organs.

These yoga practices can help you increase your physical awareness. Practicing yoga gives you great physical benefits. There is no separation because everything is connected. Your digestive system is connected to the body and your body is connected to the mind. Yoga practice that is in action off the mat is called Karma yoga.

Off Mat Yoga

Yes, yoga can be practiced both on and off a mat. Yoga has the power to change the course of your life. It can lead you to new lifestyle changes that are beneficial to your health. Here are three ways to take the [practice of yoga with you off the mat:

  • Meditation-Thinking of things that give you inspiration.
  • Traveling- Take a trip outside of your country.
  • Volunteering- By giving your time and energy to help others.


By eating wholesome foods, you can improve your digestion health. The worse foods to eat are processed, fatty foods. Try eating a Kale salad, Plantains, Avocados, Carrots, and natural foods that will do your body good.

When you have good digestive health, it provides great benefits for your body, mind, and spirit. You can lessen visits to doctors for ailments that are caused from poor digestion. Poor digestion can leave you feeling heavy, and bloated. Yoga practice is a great way to start improving your digestive health. Combine your yoga practice, poses with a healthy diet routine and notice how your body will thrive.

Emotional eating is bad for your health and can lead to obesity. Yoga will allow you to gain complete control over both emotions and eating habits. If you have never tried yoga or don’t know where to start, then online would be the perfect place to find out all you need to know about the different types of yoga, practices, poses, and more. You can practice alone, with a friend or yoga group. Yoga is perfect for maintaining a healthy weight.